Soil Nailing

Soil Nailing is an earth retention technique using grouted tension-resisting steel or fibreglass reinforced nails and can be employed for permanent or temporary support.

Soil nailing is an earth retention technique using grouted tension-resisting steel or fibreglass reinforced soil nails.

Fully trained and experienced ground stabilisation crews are needed to correctly execute soil nailing projects. A collaboration of techniques and materials is required to evaluate the ground pressure (nail/grout to the ground) and assessing which nails and materials are the most suitable for different types of terrain.

Soil nailing is a specialist technique for earth retention/erosion control and stabilisation for slopes, construction areas, tunnels, deep cuts, and repairs to existing structures.

How does it work?

Soil nailing uses steel bars to penetrate the surface and stabilise soft earth. Used in conjunction with TRM (erosion matting), this technique prevents any loose soil from shifting and any further erosion which may hinder infrastructure or construction projects..

An environmentally safe material, soil nailing provides strength to soft soil and promotes regrowth.

We use only the highest quality soil nails and utilise the latest technology and innovations in stabilisation projects for our clients. Detailed investigation and planning, along with the latest technology, ensures every project provides a stable, long term solution to even the most demanding slopes and unstable sites.

Soil nailing equipment can be small enough so it can easily negotiate areas with restricted access. For existing steep slopes, such as bluffs, the soil nails can be installed from Telehandlers/EWP’s and crane-suspended working platforms. Soil nails can also be installed directly beneath existing structures adjacent to excavations, and used to stabilise retaining walls or existing fill slopes.

Care should be exercised when applying the system underneath an existing structure. GSS has used extensive 3D modeling to avoid conflicts between soil nails and other earth retention systems on complex projects that involve the use of multiple techniques and to ensure the safety of buried utilities.

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