The shotcrete process involves projecting concrete at high velocities through a large, concrete hose onto a natural surface.

Shotcreting is most often applied where it is impossible to use regular concrete and has, in recent years, become an important construction tool, especially in mining and open excavations. It is regularly used in slope stabilisation and tunneling, offering a cost-effective solution for the mining and civil construction industries.

Shotcreting provides a fast, reliable form of concrete construction that can be applied at scale, helping projects of all sizes to run smoothly.

Shotcrete is placed and compacted at the same time, due to the force with which it leaves the nozzle. It can be sprayed onto any surface, no matter the shape or size – including vertical or overhead areas. This means the application process causes minimal disruption and mess on site, even at larger volumes.

Ground Stabilisation Systems is one of Australia’s top shotcrete companies. Our team has the experience and knowledge to manage the whole process from preparation to the application, leaving a quality finish that looks fantastic.

Shotcrete retaining walls wors particularly well in vertical construction and excavations where temporary shoring is required. It is simple for our experienced personnel to apply and renders a quality finish. Because of its unique qualities and its sparse distribution under pressure, it is often used on roads, railways, civil construction and residential projects where the pneumatically placed concrete can be applied quickly and sets rapidly.

Shotcrete construction services

A wide variety of final finishes can be achieved using shotcreting including a gun, screed, wood float, sponge and steel trowel. GSS also specialises in Architectural finishes.

The team at GSS, over the many years we have been employing this technique, that has seen changes in the way shotcreting is used. One of the many exciting advancements has been the use of specialist fibres in the mix reducing the need to install expensive steel reinforcement mesh. Steel is still used, however, to solve specific construction challenges.

Get in touch with us here at GSS if you have any other questions about the shotcreting process and how we can help deliver the best results for your project.

Need an expert shotcreting team? Get in touch with GSS. We have decades of shotcrete experience throughout Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Victoria and throughout Australia.

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