Rockfall Protection and Rock Slope Protection on steep areas that are prone to falling rock and debris is an important part of the work carried out by GSS.

Public safety can be seriously threatened when some cliff faces and rock slopes are exposed and degraded, often causing rocks to buckle, slide, fall, or topple down the exposed area onto roads, paths and railway tracks.

Rockfall and rock slope protection can be achieved by passive mitigation or active mitigation. Passive mitigation utilises rockfall protection netting, rockfall catchment fences, diversion dams and other rockfall protection systems, to ensure that when a rockfall occurs, the fall is contained and/or diverted to protect lives and infrastructure.

GSS has years of experience in designing and implementing rocks slope and rock fall protection solutions

Active mitigation can involve various techniques to stabilise and retain rockfall prone areas. Complex geotechnical solutions are often employed to stabilise these areas including:

  • Rock bolting
  • Altering slope geometry
  • Rockfall mesh
  • Shotcrete
  • Dewatering and revegetation

Using the latest innovations and technology, including the most advanced equipment and specialised products, GSS has successfully undertaken rockfall barrier projects on behalf of our clients.

We offer a range of specialist services in rockfall protection / rockfall slope protection in areas such as Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Victoria and throughout Australia.

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