Ground stabilisation is the crucial first step in many commercial and domestic projects.

The planning and implementation of the correct worksite procedures are often critical to a project’s success.

In order for a project to run smoothly and on-time, specific techniques need to be implemented to resolve the challenges of the project, including the risk of rock slides and soil slips. GSS offers a range of expert soil stabilisation services to keep your worksite safe and productive while also maintaining the natural environment.

Employing the skills of geotechnical and structural engineers, GSS uses multiple disciplines and techniques to provide control of commercial, construction, mining, and residential projects. Thorough investigation and planning will ensure that the techniques and equipment used to solve your ground engineering and ground stabilisation tasks are both efficient and cost-effective.

GSS have the expertise required to complete your ground stabilisation projects

A common technique used to ensure the stabilisation of soil surrounding the project site is retaining walls.

In rocky, sensitive areas, these walls prevent major rockslides and soil collapses. When using retaining walls, our team will scope out the area and review potential dangers or pressures, ensuring the safety of your retaining system, plus ensuring your walls remain strong for years to come with minimal maintenance required, reducing the need for intervention in future.

Some of the techniques and equipment used by GSS in projects undertaken on behalf of clients include:

We offer a range of specialist services in slope stabilisation:

GSS offers a wide range of specialist services in ground and soil stabilisation throughout Australia from Sydney to Newcastle, the Central Coast & greater Victoria.

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