Soil nailing is an earth retention technique using grouted tension-resisting steel or fibreglass reinforced nails and can be employed for permanent or temporary support.

Soil nailing is an earth retention technique using grouted, tension-resisting, fibreglass reinforced nails which can be used for temporary or permanent support.

Soil nailing penetrates the ground to stabilise soil while also adding a sheet of environment-safe material which supports soft soil and promotes the regrowth of flora in the area.

We have over a decade of experience with soil nailing in Sydney, Newcastle, and Australia. The soil nailing process prevents loose soil from eroding and stops further erosion which could hinder future construction projects.

A trained and experienced ground stabilisation team is needed to execute a reliable soil nailing project. Using a collaboration of techniques and materials, the team must evaluate the ground pressure and assess which nails and materials are required for differing kinds of terrain.

At GSS, we use specialist techniques for erosion control and the stabilisation of slopes, construction areas, earth retention for excavations, building, tunnels, deep cuts and repairs on existing structures.

We complete detailed investigations and plan for soil nailing using the latest technologies, ensuring we provide a stable, long-term solution to even the most demanding and unstable sites. Our soil nailing equipment is small enough to navigate areas with restricted or difficult access.

For existing steep slopes like bluffs or existing retaining walls, soil nails can be installed from crane-suspended working platforms. Soil nails can even be installed beneath existing structures adjacent to excavations, however, care should be exercised when adding soil nails underneath an existing structure.

We have used extensive 3D modelling in the past to avoid conflicts between soil nails and other earth retention systems. This is a crucial step for complex projects that involve the use of multiple techniques including anchors and soil nails, ensuring the ultimate safety of buried utilities.

The GSS team is committed to supporting stable construction sites and natural environments, making work sites and local communities safer for everyone.

Want to discuss soil nailing and soil stabilisation with an experienced team of engineers? Contact GSS or request a quote online. We offer our services throughout Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast & Victoria.

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