Rock bolting is necessary for many rockfall and containment systems as drilling is needed to incorporate the anchor and or bolts into the rock to maintain the integrity of the system.

Rock bolting is often essential for containment and retaining systems, as drilling is needed to incorporate anchors and/or bolts into the rock. This helps maintain the integrity and safety of the system.

Civil construction and mining processes can cause fracturing and shearing resulting from the stress and distribution of materials. This can cause weaknesses in the rock formation which presents a number of serious hazards including rockfalls and avalanches.

GSS has the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your rock bolting requirements

In order to find out how, where and when rock bolting is required, specialised equipment and an experienced team of ground stabilisation experts is needed.

GSS has the knowledge, experience and expertise to handle all of your rock bolting needs. Our team has been servicing homes, businesses and council land throughout Australia, improving environmental safety throughout the country.

Rock bolting systematically transfers the load from an unstable surface or exterior of a rock face to the strong, intact interior of the rock mass.

The process includes drilling through the unstable section of the rock at the back of the location, then securing a stabilising bolt into the secure material toward the base or core of the area. The holes usually vary from 25mm to 150mm.

Before the careful execution of rock bolting, thorough planning and experience are essential so the strongest and weakest parts of the rock can be identified, eliminating the possibility of rocks cracking, dislodging, and falling.

This technique is useful for areas with difficult access, where other methods are unable to be used.

Common tasks requiring rock bolting include:

  • Bolting Unstable Rock formations
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Foundation Support
  • Bridge Construction
  • Rail Cutting Reinforcement
  • Portal Entries
  • Tunnelling

The team at GSS have extensive experience with rock bolting for projects of all sizes. We’ve worked on major projects throughout North America and the Asia Pacific for over 15-years, giving us the experience and skills to guarantee the expert, cost-effective completion of your project.

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We offer reliable, specialist services in rock bolting throughout Australia including Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Victoria.

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