Our gabion wall systems range from 300mm to two metres or more. We offer a specialised technique for all gabion requirements in Sydney & Newcastle.

Gabion wall systems were developed for use in retaining structures where moisture and usually as a result, poor foundation conditions, make alternative solutions difficult or prohibitively expensive.

This technique has been used extensively for almost 50 years and GSS has employed it for clients with great success on many occasions, especially along the Eastern seaboard of Australia in areas often subject to extreme annual rainfall conditions.

The walls consist of extremely strong heavy woven-wire cages, which are positioned on site and filled with rock. The cages are most often assembled in a similar pattern to a normal block wall and tied in, providing a strong and stable retaining structure capable of withstanding heavy ground moisture. They are especially effective around riverbanks and watercourses where their flexibility and ability to shed moisture while responding to ground movement, ensures their stability where other solid wall retaining systems might fail.

The simplicity and flexibility of design which Gabion walls allow also makes them ideal for uneven or curved retaining requirements. The wires cages can be built to size from 300mm to two metres or more and the rocks used adapted to the requirements.

GSS have vast experience in Gabion walls across all types of terrain. Get in touch with our qualified team for assistance with Gabion walls, or for more information about our work, find the service you need below:

We offer a range of specialist services in gabion wall installation throughout Australia including Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, and Victoria.

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