Anchor testing is critical when installing ground anchors. At GSS we complete tests at installation and follow up, as well as monitoring when required.

The selection of the correct design, positioning and correct installation of ground anchors is critical to the overall effectiveness. Optimal anchor testing results can only be achieved by experienced and qualified technicians  – the team a Ground Stabilisation Systems have extensive experience and a deep knowledge of the safety factors involved.

Equally critical to the success of ground anchors is detailed anchor testing following the initial installation and where necessary, monitoring and follow-up testing as required.

GSS has the equipment and qualified and experienced personnel equipped to carry out comprehensive testing of installed ground anchors, soil nails, to check for positioning, stability and strength and to ensure compliance with  globally recognised ISO standards.

The many projects GSS has undertaken successfully on behalf of clients has often required us to install and subsequently test ground anchors in some locations that can best be described as “extreme.” The experience, dedication, and skills acquired on these projects have equipped GSS to undertake the most challenging as well as the simplest ground anchor installation and testing projects.

We offer a range of specialist services in Anchor Testing throughout Australia. Including Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Victoria.

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